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Music and Sound shout not be underestimated. They are more inportant to us than most people think.


A movie can have great pictures, but without the right music or sounds it can never touch you emotionaly. The same goes for video games. A player shout be in the middle of a game by hearing his surroundings arround him or her.


At Weekend Start Productions we know that 1+1 must be 3. So if you are looking for a creative studio to help you to achieve that please contact us.


If you're an artist and you would like to have your tracks, Produced, Mixed or Mastererd the same rules apply. Music is emotion so it has to touch your audience. Please contact us so we can help you to achieve that.



By clicking on the jackplug you can find some portfolio in Music and Sound Design. Projects in Music Production, Sound FX and Foley. Applied in movies, a game and music tracks.

Tracks produced:


* Petrol - Foolish

* Petrol - Miss You

* Animal Tag vs Darqui - Confession

* Animal Tag vs Darqui - What are Poffertjes

* Animal Tag vs Darqui - The Void

* CV de VEKO - Prinsenlied 2015-2016

* CV de VEKO - Prinsenlied 2016-2017


Tracks Mixed:


* Patrick van Raat - Blue

* Petrol - Foolish

* Petrol - Miss You

* Lock Stock - Faust


Tracks Mastered:


* Head'Cheater - Die Again

* Head'Cheater - Spanish Style

* Head'Cheater - Blunts Stripbars

* Head'Cheater - Mafia

* Adaiha - Streven naar Eenheid

* The AfterDark - Anger Industry

* The AfterDark - Check my Caddy

* The AfterDark - Hele Grote Blij

* The AfterDark ft Pierce the Veil - Bulls in the Bronx (Bootleg)

* The AfterDark ft B1ZZ3R - Identity

* EddiE ft. Maritza - Lightyears Away


Sound Design:


* Toneel Vereniging Slijk Ewijk - Pas Op Voor De Buren


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